Right to Play 2020
This Saturday, the NUTS team travelled to Wageningen to participate in the Right to Play tournament, a competition primarily intended for inexperienced players (1.5yrs or less) to practice and hone in their new skills. We could not have asked for a better day to play outside – most of the day was sunny with light winds only picking up in the afternoon. Playing six mini games of 5v5, we had an amazing time and increased our gameplay significantly after each game. In addition to improving our technique and strategy, we bonded as teammates on and off the field. I can’t wait to return to practice and demonstrate all that I’ve learned, and I am so excited to continue growing my new friendships!

Report by Anna

Wageningen 2018 – Indoor Competition
Our NUTS spirit and devotion to Ultimate Frisbee brought the brave 9 of us to a tournament in Wageningen last Sunday. We had to wake up quite early, but it was certainly worth opening the season in such positive attitude, while it also was the first set of matches for most of us. Score-wise we didn’t come out first nor second at the end of the day, but what definitely was a reason for happiness was the progress during the day. First games were mostly about team synchronization and using drills in practice, but in the last game, our team play and positioning was visibly better. Even though it was rainy and cold that day, the atmosphere inside of the hall with all the other teams was the exact opposite; we were surrounded by very friendly folks, with which we even had a stretching together! Again, it was visible that frisbee can be played with an enjoyable approach. We have had lost of fun, at the same time certainly learnt a lot and can’t wait to make use of this experience next time!Written by Ján

Martinicup 2017
Boy oh boy what a tournament this was! 2 days filled with fun and games, what more could you want?Most of the NUTS travelled to Leek on Fridayevening in order to be in time for the first game Saturday. But there was one crazy nuttie who left on the saturdaymorning at some ungodly hour because of all kinds of deadlines, and she was still on time; talk about dedication!When we were all set to go, we kicked off Martinicup with a great warm up game. Using the same 5 focus points from our previous competition day, we gave them a run for their money. We instantly had a good picture of what the level at Martinicup was gonna be; HIGH. But that didn’t stop us from giving it everything that we’d got, every single game, every single point. And when playing against such experienced opponents, there’s always something that you can learn from them and improve on yourself. And improving we did (once again!). We lost all of our games the first day, but always by only trailing behind a couple of points. And we playing against some crazy good teams. We tried out new tactics, some of them worked, some didn’t, but we always kept on learning which is the best thing that you can do! Unfortunately our teammate Kevin got a knee injury during his other games, and had to sit out the rest of the tournament.After taking a well deserved shower, we could enjoy our dinner, which was a nice and relaxed moment to chill with the team. When our bellies were full with food, they could be filled with drinks! Playing Dixit while enjoying some amaretto and vodka was a great start to a wonderful night. Most of the nutties went to see the live band perform, while some staying behind to finish the bottle of vodka. They later (now also rocking glitter cheeks and even a glitter nipple) joined the rest of the nutties who were jamming out at the live band!We did not only score on the fields, we scored on the party as well. Wearing all of our handmade birthday crowns, we danced our socks off and I saw some amazing dance moves across the dancefloor. I heard that one of our teammates danced like she “had a sense of freedom about her” and someone scored a kiss from the bartenderrrr. We kept it going till the end of the party, and crashed into our beds anticipating the games (and hangover) to come.And boy we were greeted with both of them next morning. Having to start our game at the very first timeslot, it was tough to get out of bed and stomach some breakfast. But we managed to do both of those (eventually), and started our second day of Martinicup! We had some close games again, trying to play as smart and efficient as we could in order to save on the amount of running we had to do, because “whenever I jump I feel like I have a brick inside my head smashing around”. As fate would have it, of course we had to play our last game against fellow student team UTKA!! We were so excited, as a game against UTKA is always the best way to end a tournament. They started of strong and led by a 4 points, but as this was our last game of the tournament, we squeezed out every last ounce of energy we had left in us, and managed to tie up the game again. And not only that, we gained the lead after that! We ended the tournament with an incredibly hard fought win, a ton of sweat, and just as much smiles as during the party!Thank you all so much for another amazing, unforgettable tournament, and see you all next time!Martinicup 2018 Squad: Aisha Erenstein, Bram, Jill SteenkistKevin de Jongh, Klaas, Linde WitsLisanne CorpelMarijn Steneker, Matthijs, Peter, Tim Huijg-Report by Tim

LED 2017
This past weekend, NUTS attended LED 2017 Vertigo Tournament! Our Nutties sent a small but fierce squad to the tournament and proved to put consistent and immense effort into all of our games, despite our small size. The nine of us played strongly and proved that in only eight games, our team can improve greatly, especially when we found our flow as a group and worked together smoothly.Some of the best moments of the weekend consisted of our small squad getting close both on and off the field. Our team nailed the “Mucho Macho” theme and rocked the dance floor. The tournament was an awesome success for the NUTS, as a Frisbee team and as a mucho macho group of friends!Report written by Bridget.

R2P Wageningen 2017
On a lovely, slightly chilly morning, 9 brave nutties decided to go forth and travel to the faraway city of Wageningen. The day had a rough start when one of the team members was lost after boarding onto the wrong train, but nevertheless the nuts traveled on eastward.Arriving there just in time for their first game, the team put up a good fight against their competitors, scoring their first 2 points of the day. Throughout the tournament, we would be reunited with our lost nut, and (try to) learn various cheers for the points we did score – but one in particular was especially noteable: the dancing chickens. Breathtaking to witness and horrifying for our opponents, the yell CAN I SEE SOME DANCING CHICKENS became synonymous with the glorious enthusiasm and fun our nutty players brought to each game.We may have not won a single match, but as a team we learned to play together, Stack like strategic masterminds, and BRING IT. Reusing the words of many, many a spirit circle: the scoreboard never reflected the game. The enthusiasm, energy and good vibes stayed high the entire day, and that made the nutties truly one of the most fun teams to play with, for both the nuts themselves and their competitors!Following a long, sunny day filled with 5 matches, and interlaced with spirit games, we settled down for a drink in the cafeteria which had become our regular between-match resting space. After cheering on the winners (and a jogger), we all headed back home tired but more motivated than ever to hit the field again and throw some mad discs. See you all next time!Our team was made up of the lovely players Paula, Maria, Jill SteenkistAisha Erenstein, Rahab, Tim HuijgKlaas BorkDavita van RaamsdonkAnne VisserReport by Aisha

Monsterball 2017
Rusty Bikes and Ultimate NUTS join forces for an unforgettable weekend of fun and exciting ultimate! Report by a mysterious, talented, most athletic Nutty Bike follows below ????***It is Saturday morning and a bunch of Rusty Nutties and Nutty Bikes rose early to travel towards the beach at Kijkduin for some sandy and sunny Ultimate! The weather forecast might have said something about rain but they don’t know that the sun is always too eager to see some floating discs and cheering and playing Frisbee players so the moment the games started the sun gazed through the clouds that drifted inland towards the East.Though the Nutties and the Rusty’s have never played beach Ultimate together (or have they?), the potential of both teams was beyond what is comprehensible! It is the raw combination of fresh and energetic NUTS and experienced and witty RUSTY BIKES and both teams fought their way up to the 3rd and 7th place. Even the GRUT team had an exhausting match against the (oh boy I keep forgetting the order, I think it was the..) Rusty Nuts, which ended with a ever lasting Universe point with GRUT heading to finals and Rusty Nuts to the semi-finals!I believe this is the start of a very long and fruitful tradition with Nuts and Rusty Bikes playing at Monsterball and next year we will make sure to organize the ONE thing we did NOT do last weekend: a match of Rusty Nuts vs Nutty Bikes!

Hargen 2017
A bunch of salted roasted NUTS left the beach from Hargen aan ZeeSunday afternoon. What a tournament! Sun, fun and lots of sandattributed to all the smiles on and off the fields.FRIDAY It all started Friday evening, when five very enthusiastic Nutties (Oli, Jolande, Sander,Alexander and myself) build their tents on the still empty field inSchoorl. Attracted by the very non-Dutch landscape: a real hill (52,4meters (!)) had to be climbed. After a race up the so-called “klimduin”we arrived at the top out of breath. Having some beers and watching theview we calmed down and non-laughed at the worse jokes ever fromAlexander. After some trouble finding a way back to the camping (allsand looks like a path!), all of us closed our eyes for a good night ofsleep. SATURDAY We met the other nutties at the beach, some(Timo, Lisanne)after a really pretty dune-bike-detour. The weather was perfect, about20C, a light breeze and almost no sun. After warm-up and lay-outtraining (!) all of us were ready to play. Besides Thomas, Oli, Jolande,Sander, Alexander, Timo, Lisanne and myself also two amazing pick-upplayers from Force were on the line, Mark and Laurens. And what a teamwe formed! Although the level of the other teams was a bit higher thanours and we lost all of our games, we let them sweat. We kept our headsup and had a strong defence which made the other teams fight for theirpoints as well. Some games were closer than others, but most importantlyall of us were flying through the air and rolling through the sand. Aflying Timo was not really an exception and a camera caught himbeautifully reaching for a disc. After all the sweat and sand most of uscouldn’t resist it anymore and went for a swim in the sea.Theevening was spend with BBQ’ing, more bad jokes from Alexander, a groupriddle finally solved by Sander (wow!) and a very challenging diceriddle. Also some spike-ball in the dark was played and some of us wentfor a cold or hot shower. As no party was organized at the camping andthe air cooled down quickly, most of us ended up in our tents in time toget some rest for Sunday. SUNDAY The completely clear sky inthe morning announced another beautiful day. We were in the groupfighting for the 16th – 20th place, which promised more equal matches.The score in the first game against the Dutch youth under 17 alreadyreflected this, but in our second game we were on fire. Supported by Linde and Jillwith side line cheering and some playing we managed to finally win agame. And what a win! It was very tight, and finally Linde scored theuniverse point with a beautiful lay-out in the endzone. Some of us hadour favourite moments in this game, give-and-go on one side of the fieldwhere Timo could just jog along on the other side, a point scored byLisanne and a flick that I threw that I’m very proud of myself.Unfortunately we couldn’t keep it up in our last game, but all of usleft the field smiling and worn out. Inspired by UTKA’s spirit gamewhere we had to mimic veggies, we took a team picture where you can findus posing like pistachios and several other nuts. After a second swimwith the team to cool down, we settled in the sand to watch the finals.The way the players from “En de rest” and GRUT seemed to race over thesand effortlessly instead of ploughing through it (like we had felt)amazed us. After the prizes announced, we were 19th, the happy,satisfied, salted and roasted NUTS headed back home.– Sofie

Schier 2017
Let me start with saying that I had an awesome weekend atSchiermonnikoog. And I think I’m allowed to say that for everyone elsethat joined too! These were some fun 3 days! The trip towards the boat went smoothly. Thanks Thomas van Drunen and Sander Roosingh for driving us! What follows is a small summary of the 3 days. Day 1We ate some delicious pizza at a local restaurant. By sheer coincidencemost of us ordered the same pizza, turns out most of us had somethingspicy in mind. Afterwards we went to setup the tents at the camping.We found a nice spot and named it Nuts Valley. Which you could findalong Ultimate Road. Now the road itself was guarded by Forts Nuts.In the evening we went over towards an old WW2 bunker build by Germany,which used to be a radar outpost to spot allied bombers coming in. Then it was of to bed. Day 2 Yes! The first games of the tournament would be played.The first game of the day was against Grijze Haren, which are part ofthe Dutch National Frisbee team so it was a tough fight. They also gaveus some tips on improving, so that is really nice from them. Next up was a match against Pick-Up. So nothing to special to mention about this game. The third match of the day was against some lovely players all the way from the south: Ultimaas! These teams mark the end of the poule we played in. Next up: Project U. Who gave us a though fight but that made the game even more of an enjoyment. Small side-note: Project U is looking for a (new) name. So if you had an awesome name in mind definitely message them! Those were all the matches of the day. ???? In the evening there was a party of course! We had some beers and showed of some nice dance moves. Day 3 First match of the day was against another Pick-Up team. Lots of fun to play against a mix of people from different teams! And now onto our final match of the tournament. We played against WAF. They enjoyed playing against an other student team and so did we.It was only 1 o’clock and we still had some time left before we need tobe at the boat. Some went back to the tents to pack up. Others went fora nice swim the sea. At 16:30 the boat had set course the mainland. We got our cars, packed everything in them and we set of back for Amsterdam. So to sum things up: We had lots of fun and we learned lots of new things.

UUT 2017
<3 UUT <3We can’t stop reminiscing about last weekend! NUTS organized thebiggest European student tournament UUT and oh boy was it GOOOOOOOOD. Aweekend filled with great ultimate, team from all over Europe, easterbunnies, rain, sunshine, love and much so much chili sin carne <3 We even won spirit! Thank you all for making this what it was! Please enjoy the recap by fellow Nuttie Thomas:) “UUT 2017: Nightmare before Easter edition The setup: work work work on Friday!Once in a year, around Easter, the favorite tournament of every NUTSplayer in existence takes place: Ultimate University Tournament! It wasFriday 14th of April when the very first Nutties arrived at the fieldsand they were so hyped! After a day of hard work and organizing, theteams started arriving at the Oerknal from the Netherlands, Belgium,France, Germany and even the Czech Republic! The teams that arrived tooka well deserved rest from all that traveling. Of course they celebratedtheir arrival at the best tournament that has ever existed with beersand games at the Oerknal. The Zblunk team had arrived very early in themorning, and they had spent their day exploring Amsterdam city. Itshowed, because I’m sure they all slept a little bit at the Oerknalbefore the sleeping hall opened! NUTS relaxed at the registration table,where Joseph once again proved his legendary skills with hair by givingLinde a haircut on the spot. No Nuts, no Glory: games and party on SaturdayNUTS played it’s first game of the day at 10.20, against Compil’Disc.After a good warming up, NUTS was ready to take on their firstopponents! The game was hard fought, but Compil’Disc proved to be a verystrong opponent. Their crazy hammers and scoobers upwind combined withtheir strong handling and good deep game proved very difficult to playagainst, but we managed to score 3 points that game! The game ended 3-14(which is Pi). After the match we played our very first spirit game ofUUT: memory! Since it was Sam’s birthday (this sexy guy turned 24already, can you believe it?), and since Compil’Disc also had a playerwho recently had a birthday, those 2 became the contestants in the gameof memory. We had a lot of fun, we saw some great poses by both teams!After our first game, we celebrated Sam’s birthday. Linde had crafted abirthday crown for him, and we had cake with candles.We played 3more games, against Frizstyle, JoGuBears and ULB Owls. Even though wefought hard, and despite Sam’s great coaching, we were unable to win amatch that day. We did however show them what it truly means to bespirited even if you are behind in score! We gave them some dance moveson the line, and lots of cheering and sideline coaching. The JoGuBearsslingshotted a package of candies up in the sky as their spirit game,and Sam was able to grab the package first!After that we allshowered, had dinner and prepared for the beer race and the party. Andwhat an amazing party it was! So many dancing Nutties in a canteen,together with all the other teams who showed up in great spooky Easteroutfits! Just look at the pictures, to see how happy everyone was! It’s the final countdown: final games We had two more games ahead of us. One pool game against KU Leuven, andthen a final placement game. We started off trading points against KULeuven, but in the end they woke up and managed to score more pointsthan we did. And then, almost as if it was decided by fate, our finalmatch of UUT 2017 was against our best Dutch student-buddies from UTKA!This match was by far the most fired up and fun match that weekend, withgreat play by both UTKA and NUTS. We even saw a greatest by Maxim fromUTKA! In the end, UTKA took the match home in a well deserved victory.NUTS finished 12th on the tournament, but won the Spirit prize!Freespect won the party prize, Compil’Disc won the beer race and won 1stplace in the tournament in a very exciting final versus Zblunk thatended with a Universe point. We received lots of compliments for theorganization and if you look at the pictures everyone looked veryhappy. So it’s safe to say that this edition of UUT was a great success! Lots of love, reporter Thomas”

Where even is Keele
On the weekend of 17 – 19 March, NUTS travelled to the distant land of Brexit Britain to play some bloody ultimate! Yes Mate! The Tournament name: Where even is Keele? The tournament location: Not bloody sure.Somewhere called Keele, Ithink.Sort of in the North of England.But also in the middle. Either way it was very, very windy. The team gathered on theFriday at the student union bar where the beer was cheap and the foodwas delicious. A wonderful evening of old friends catching up!!!Back to Ben’s house that night. Ben, the sexiest northern Englishmansince John Snow, was not only the tournament organiser and our host butis also one of the most nuttiest nutties NUTS has ever produced.Hisbedroom had so many naked nutties in it that night!No one felt safewith snoring German Markus in the room though, always ready to pounce…We woke up on Saturday pretty and groggy. First game at 10am. Taxis tothe sport centre, coffees in the cafes then warm up on the fields. Itwas really, really difficult to get warm in the freezing cold andhowling wind but, led by Thomas, we sort of managed it.Throughout theday we played 4 games of ultimate; the first two heavy defeats, thefinal two heavy victories. Such ups and downs! Such emotions! And webloody loved it! We had such happy, friendly and competitive games allday. Never before have so many English faces been so sticky with stroopand waffel. After some group showering we taxied back to Ben’s and wipedKeele out of its curry stocks. The finest cuisine England has to offer;another country’s.SO. MUCH. CURRY.Maybe too much! After two cratesof beer we hit the party with bellies full of spices and bubbly beer.The dance floor was empty when we arrived but, as was expected, filledup not long after NUTS set the trend and throws down crazy shapes. Dideveryone know that Timo is basically Justin Timberlake?? After lots ofdrinking, sweaty dancing, friend making and photo taking, NUTS taxiedback to Ben’s bedroom and got a couple of hours sleep. That night it wasconfirmed: someone in the team was blowing bubbles in their sleep.We’ll never know who… Sunday morning and we were all rudelyawoken by Linde with cooked breakfast for everyone in the team!Cookedby Wieke, Linde and Claire! Americlaire! Yeah!Amazing. Never beforehas waking up hungover like a dog been such a pleasant experience. Weeventually got to the fields on time for our 9am kick off.Four moregames on Sunday, two wins, two losses. Again the happiness was flowingaround us and we were struck by a disease of big cheesey smiles all day.We all saw chickens dancing. We all saw mashed potatoes. And we allkept spilling our pistachios every bloody where. The wind was absolutelycrazy and not many points scored by any team against the wind.By the end of the weekend the team was tired but ecstatic. So muchfun!!! And then, the ceremony, and true to form NUTS WON SPIRIT! Ohyeah!!! Big time Charlie!!! We got a trophy and a big bottle of Tequila.But mainly we got even more happiness!!! So MUCH love!!!! Jilland Thomas were our captains and they were incredible. Leading us inquality of play, tactics and especially spirit. Thomas’ enthusiasm iscontagious and Jill’s smile is bigger than any other human’s ever.Cheeky badger!! But every player was a joy to play with, especially thenewer nutties like Claire, Kai and Brodie. Their attitude was inspiringand they proved themselves to be the future of ultimate! Has ANYONE everseen a smile as big as Brodies???? Off to Manchester for thenight for some players, to Cheltenham for others. Before eventuallyheading back home to Holland, more windswept, happy and sleepy thanbefore. Thank you Ben so much for it all. So excited for the nextNUTS tournament! No NUTS no glory mate!See you NEXT year KEELE!! (ifwe can find you) NUTS roster: Thomas, Jill, Sofie, Timo, Sander, Kai Heen, Brodie, Claire MacMurray, Joseph Evans, Markus, Wieke, Linde and Ben Report by our lovely nuttie Joseph

Martinicup 2016
On the 9th and 10th of December NUTS went to a frisbee tournamentfar, far away: Martini Cup 2016 in the super exciting and populous townof Leek. We all had quick, fun drives from Amsterdam on friday night intime to rest and play 5 matches the following day.Saturday weplayed some very tough matches in the open division with brutal gamesagainst Ars Ludendi and Ahlshull to start off the day. The German ArsLudendi put up a very tough match, beating us 13-1 and the tournamentvictors Ahlshull won against NUTS 13-4. Through the matches though wegained a lot of coordination and started making smarter plays. Westarted playing with very quick give and go handler plays, courtesy ofTim, Markus, Max, and Thomas and found some success there. Later in the day we had a tough loss to the Undutchables, but had a fungame. We then had a close victory against Force Elektro winning 7-6 andgave the Cakes a run for their money as well, losing 9-6 after beingeven for much of the game. Joji’s inspiring sideline chants about “thedanger zone” helped us put some points on the scoreboard. We stayedchilly and played with coordination.Friday night after ourtiring games we headed to drink and party thanks to the expert planningthat made our first game at 11:45 sunday morning. We witnessed someawesome costumes and listened to some interesting music until late inthe night. Everyone had their best space (or pokemon) themed attire! Sunday we played two final matches against WAF and GD. Both were closeand competitive games, but resulted in losses. We had our ups and downsas a team, but everyone made some great plays on offense and defense andnobody had any submissions to the worst hammer competition! (maybe inJanuary). By the end most were pretty exhausted (especially Linde whoalso played with Utka and Sam who played with the Beach team). Overall, it was a great tournament that helped us grow as a team andgain a lot of experience against good opponents. We put in to play whatwe practiced, had a good time, and had a great bit of reflection at theend with Thomas.The team consisted of: Thomas van Drunen, Markus Nagel, Max Vogel, Tim Huijg, Sander Roosingh, Jill Steenkist, Alef de Boer, Sam Stuyver, Anouk Boukema, Linde Wits and Will Bonnell.Report by Will

I Don’t Carrot All 2016
Washing the blue and red out of my hair and watching it run over mybruised body and around my swollen feet before disappearing down thedrain, I became painfully aware that the circus had ended and the magicwas over. Coming down from the high that was a weekend full of randomacrobatics, animal alter egos and overwhelming laughter that onlyhappens when people from all over the world come together for a weekendto throw a disc at each other and drink 1,000 liters of beer, I foundcomfort in reliving the memories and in my overflowing love of my nuttyteammates. Tournament Summary – Wow that weekend was NUTS: Idon’t carrot at all about anything else besides my nutty teammates and apiece of plastic Thank you Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club – BrusselsDriving down to Belgium we were so excited that I’m not sure our newestNuts member German was prepared for a car ride full of non-stop“singing” and backseat child-like antics. We pulled up to the playingfields in the middle of fields and boy were we ready to go down therabbit hole. Re-united with our fellow nutties, the endless banter andlaughter began, usually including some reference to Markus. Saturday MatchesDuring our first game against the Spinisters, we were so happy to haveJoram, our former trainer full of absolute swag on (and off) the field,who helped us come together and perfected our four girls two cups zonein preparation for the rest of the tournament. During our second match,Sophie, a new nutty who was breaking her tournament virginity scoredhelping ensure our victory! We fought hard against Jet Set, hoppingaround on the field, but they proved to be the strong men of thetournament and would end up taking home the title. We won our last gameagainst Ah Ouh Puc just before the heavens opened up and let loose. Whenother teams decided to take advantage of the puddles as prime layoutspots, I thought I would join in on the circus tricks, but my naïveattempt at looking cool made onlookers wince and my teammates laugh.Hiding from the rain before dinner, a freak show would decide who couldeat first. Sophie, our resident circus performer, had taught us an actthat truly stole the show. The Party We really took the thememad circus to heart and embodied that spirit (hence this is a censoredparty summary inquire with your favorite Nuts for further details).Dressed as lions, tigers, and bears oh my, our trusty handler armed witha full whip, that we can only hope that he doesn’t use on a regularbasis, became occupied and the raucous animals went wild on the dancefloor. We impressed with our extraordinary good looks and a slipperyversion of Wrecking Ball. Lines blurred, we tried not to catch on fire,and entered the magic box. Sunday Matches Sunday’s matchesfeatured several shoeless Nuts who were unable to get their cleats onafter too much dancing during the party. For our first game we wererelieved that enough people weren’t occupied puking to have a full line.Having sweated out our hangovers and the rest of our team showing up, atrue rag tag group of champions we were ready for our next two matcheswhich we took in style. During our last game we decided to literallyleave it all on the field including our shirts. After some slipand slide layouts and an exciting final, we headed back home, a placewhere we wouldn’t have to harass people in search of illegal substances. Our Nutty roster consisted of Anouk Boukema, Ben Aspinall, Coco Veldhuijsen, Joram Mossink, Joseph Evans, Markus Nagel , Martine Gouw, Tim Huijg, Timo Leemans, Sofie ten Have, Lucas Stam, Aurore Delisse Dit L’Espagne, Ger Pm, Sheila McGraw You can see all the photos here…/141933146@N…/sets/72157671543868985

Istanbul 2016
On April 3rd NUTS competed in the first day of Open OutdoorCompetition. It was a great day and lots of frisbees were thrown andsome of them were caught! In a couple of weeks we’re off to Veenendaal(where else?) for Day 2. Last weekend shit got really real.Instead of playing at Frozen Cherries in Utrecht like we usually wouldwe decided to go to Turkey. Yes mate Turkey! Basically for the weekend.We played at the wonderful, amazing and unforgettable tournament ITUUltimate Frizbi Turnuvası hosted by our dear and bestest and smiliest friends Frizbi Teknik, the handsome bees.We actually managed to win a couple of frisbee games which was great,but the most great thing ever is that we won spirit! Holy moly! And weall got shiny gold medals and a trophy too big for our carry-on luggage.Plus Sheila and Joseph won the party prizes! Their just reward forbeing a wrecking ball in the club and breakdancing topless, despitebeing vegetarian and not being able to breakdance. Thanks Frizbi Teknikfor the best weekend ever! We’ll definitely see you and the rest of thewonderful people at the tournament soon. Here’s a small preview of thethousands of photos.