UUT 2020

UUT 2020
Dear friends,
Unfortunately, due to the reasons listed below, UUT will be postponed until a later date. The situation in the Netherlands and surrounding countries developed quite drastically over the last week. On March 12 the Dutch government announced a new national policy which cancels all gatherings and/or events with an expected attendance of more than a 100 people. All universities in the Netherlands suspended one site learning until the end of the month and generally people are encouraged to work from home. In the countries surrounding the Netherlands, including those where our participating teams are coming from, similar policies have been or are expected to be issued in the near future.For frisbee specifically, the Dutch Frisbee Association (NFB) cancelled competition days and advised to cancel upcoming tournaments. We have seen comparable advice published by other European Flying Disc Federations. Besides, Ultimate tournaments are exactly the kind of event authorities warn about: it often involves travelling large distances, our discs travel from hand to hand, we sleep and sit close together, share our drinking bottles and food, and celebrate with spirit circles and high fives. Limiting the spread of the virus has to be a common effort as we try to protect our more vulnerable friends, family and loved ones. This is a responsibility we, as a part of the international frisbee community, take very seriously. Unfortunately, this means that UUT this Easter, 10-12th April 2020, is called off. We expected 150 players, placing the tournament above the safety limit and most of these players coming from abroad, making it a particularly uncertain situation. The teams and players that already paid team and/or player fees will receive refunds in the coming days. There is no one more disappointed about the cancellation than us. Many of you were returning to the tournament, and we were extremely excited to welcome our old and new friends. The messages we received so far were full of enthusiasm, which is what every organizer dreams of. Because of this, we will try to organize UUT 2020 on a later date, when the situation has calmed down. Currently, we estimate that this will likely be towards the end of the summer. Let us know at uut.amsterdam@gmail.com if you would be interested in a postponed UUT – no matter if you have been registered for the original Easter UUT or not!Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this will cause and hopefully eventually see you at a UUT 2020.2! Thank you for your understanding!
Cheers friends, lots of love, and stay safe and healthy,
The UUT Team

UUT is back! The UNIVERSITY ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT welcomes all student teams from Europe and beyond to come on a fun weekend to the legendary city of Amsterdam. This years UUT will be the 11th edition and just like the last UUT’s we’ll have some fun ultimate, an awesome party on the Saturday night, crazy bunnies running around and some great food and local beer that will tickle your taste buds. 

The new date for UUT 2020 is not set yet. It will probably concern a weekend at the end of the summer. Teams can already arrive during Friday evening, games take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Sleeping Halls: Universum, Science Park 306, 1098 XH AmsterdamThe sleeping halls will be  at the university of Amsterdam, we can sleep here friday and saturday night. On saturday we are allowed to use the sauna. We won’t be providing any sleeping gear, so make sure to bring your own sleeping bag/mat.Fields: Radioweg 77, 1098 NH Amsterdam (walk-able from the sleeping halls)The place can easily be reached by car or by train (closest station “Amsterdam Science Park” from where trains connect frequently to Amsterdam Central Station. Check this link for exact times). Keep in mind that free parking spots in Amsterdam are rare. Both the sleeping halls and fields will include changing rooms. 

About UUT
NUTS is hosting UUT since 2010 in Amsterdam. As a student club, NUTS tries to combine a good level of ultimate with the fun you’re looking for at a tournament. What makes UUT unique is that student teams from all over Europe come together. We welcome beginners and advanced players alike. UUT 2020 is played in a loose mixed format and by the WFDF Rules of Ultimate. In addition to this set of rules, we would like to stress that UUT is only for students. 

Tournament globally

We will be on some beautiful artificial and natural gras fields, next to a stocked canteen and some extra changing rooms. All the essential meals will be covered by us: Saturday we will provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday we will provide you with breakfast and lunch. And of course, some great music and games are waiting for you on Saturday night.

Party Theme

Once upon a time, there was a tournament called UUT
The king and his counselors sat around a table
Discussing what this year’s theme should be
They debated for seven nights until the king hails 
‘Stop looking so troubled, because I’ve decided
The theme for this year will be fairytales!’
Student teams, dig up your best costume
On April 11th and 12th, we’ll play ultimate
So travel to Amsterdam, by carriage or broom
The council callled out ‘that sounds great, but is that all?’
‘Of course not,’ the king said, ‘there will be great food,
Magical pastimes and we’ll end the festivities with a ball’
We know that with you this adventure will be even better
So pick up your disc and quill and write us a letter!

Player’s Fee: 45 Euro
Non-playing team member: 35 Euro
Team Fee: 200 Euro
Registration Deadline: To be announced

Sign up

To sign up as team or pick up player or to ask us any questions feel free to contact us through email or facebook.uut.amsterdam@gmail.com


UUT 2020 is played in a loose mixed format. That means that all teams have to play with atleast two women on the line. Offense may decide to play with more, but it’s up to the other team’s spirit and availability to match the oppponent. Teams with very few women may agree on playing with fewer girls, if that’s better. 

UUT 2020 is played by the WFDF Rules of Ultimate. In addition to this set of rules, we ould like to stress that UUT is for students.Everyone is welcome as a guest or coach of course. We trust each team’s spirit in this matter.

Please be aware that this is an independentevent, and that theindividual organizers or NUTS Student Ultimateshall, in no event,assume responsibility or liability, directly orindirectly, for anydamage, injury or loss caused or alleged to becaused by or inconnection with the venues for camping, playing,entertainment nor anyother tournament event.Participantsacknowledge their own responsibility for any insurance,includingtravel insurance, medical costs and personal injury insurance.