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Rules & Format


UUT 2018 is played in a loose mixed format. That means that all teams have to play with at least two girls on the line. The offence may decide to play with more, but it’s up to the other team’s spirit and availability of girls to match the opponent. Teams with very few girls may agree on playing with fewer girls, if that’s better for both teams.


UUT is played by the WFDF Rules of Ultimate. All pool games stop at 60 minutes or 15 points. The final point will be signalled through the playing of the “end jingle”; players will be introduced to this and other jingles at the start of the tournament. If you hear the end jingle, finish the point you are currently playing.

During the finals there is a hard cap of at least +1. This means that if there is less than a 2-point difference, the team that gets to the highest score +1 wins.  For example: when the score is 10-9 after you have finished the final point, the team that first gets to 11 (10+1) wins.

In addition to this set of rules, we would like to stress that UUT is mainly for students. Everyone who is or was a student in the academic year 2015-2017 is considered a student. So if you graduated in December, lucky you! PHD-students are also considered students, and are eligible to play as well. UUT provides a unique opportunity for student teams to play against other collegiate teams from all over Europe – teams they won’t play against in their national competition. Everyone is welcome as a guest or coach of course! We trust each team’s spirit in this matter.

After your final game on Sunday, make a top 3 of most spirited teams you have played against. Hand in your Spirit Score Top 3 before the finals at the tournament table.