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We are based in one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Come visit us!

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Ready to play with NUTS? Want to find out about the ultimate sport for a good time?

Trial practice

One of the best things about Ultimate is that you need very little to start playing, just some good shoes, clothes you can run in, and lots of enthusiasm – so if this sounds like something for you, give it a go and join us for a practice!

Our board consists of Jolande (Chair), Micah (Secretary) and Benjamin (Treasurer). If you have any questions about playing, or joining a training, we’ll be happy to help! 

Send us an email at, or shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Player Contribution

Students: €50 per semester/€100 per year

Non-Students: €55 per semester/€110 per year

Contributions are collected at the beginning of every semester.

Beginner's Open Trainings

We also host beginners’ open trainings at the start of every semester, where we’ll be bringing it back to basics for a couple of weeks. These are completely free, and the perfect time to join in. The next one will be in September, when the new year begins!


Discs: €10

Shirts (reversible): €45

Shorts: €20

NUTS Registration Form

Every semester we ask that players who want to keep playing with us fill in this form for our administration. The information you disclose in this form will not be shared by any third parties, and is for NUTS internal use only.