Sundays are for savages!

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You know that song of all those little fishes that are swimming to the sea, and one by one they get eaten by sharks or die of other reasons so eventually not one of them actually gets to see the big blue ocean?
It seemed to be our song. One by one most of our teammates were struck with injuries and illnesses. Luckily, five NUTS made it, all the way to Arnhem (and back :) ) to play the last day of the indoor competition.
Foeke van Eelken, I mean, Eelke van Foeken was so nice to drive us there while JC made the morning meaningful by reading us some stories about Curacao, about Miereneukerij and some other names we can not mention here.

Now it was time for a plan. A zone. Though Vince had fed us banana bread on the way there, we almost got ourselves some bagels too as Kung Vu did not know what happened when we decided to give that zone a shot. We were almost as confused as they were while score kept rising at our side without anything happening on there’s. Final score 11-3.
We had to try that again. UFO3 was faster on swinging it from side to side or throwing it overhead right into the n-zone. But they had no time to put a defense on Galen’s overheads/hammers/whatsoevers and Marieke’s cuts and sprints into the end zone corners. These two were on fire! End score 9-3
Ultimus Prime 2, same story. End score 11-5.

Last game was against Flying High. They are as strong as they look. (Or stronger then they look. Depending on how you look at them.) They knew how to tire out our cup, were fast and tough. Our scores were chasing eachother. Still, they could not beat the beauty of Galen and Marieke’s magic. 10-9.
Well done team!
We watched and wapped the final of the competition before going home. Or so we thought… Lessons learned that day: zones work well, and never forget to turn of the lights when leaving the car.
A lot of help of frisbeeplayers with startkabels and manpower and a little help of the ANWB got the engine running again. Nonetheless, sweet sunday, for savages!

By Kim


Images by René Westenberg.


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    Yeah Savage Team!!!! 😀

  2. Alice Buis


    The nicest thing is, that you seem so happy and crazy together as a team, lovely!

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