NUTS is a mixed student ultimate Frisbee team from Amsterdam. Ultimate is an upcoming team sport in the Netherlands and gives already hundreds of players a great and fun way to be in shape and meet a lot of cool people. NUTS travels all over Europe to play tournaments. Read more about NUTS and ultimate.

This spring, NUTS will organize another beginners course! We’ll teach you all the basics of Ultimate Frisbee and the awesome throws you need. The course consists of 2 practice sessions at Sportpark Drieburg on 8th and 15th April. Sign up now!


  1. Anne

    Spring Fling –Eggs Kegs and Ultimate Legs UUT 2014

    Last weekend NUTS hosted the eighth edition of the Ultimate University Tournament (UUT). The nationalities represented were more diverse than ever with several teams from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland and even two from Russia (We have a reliable source which claimed that some Russians even took the...
  2. Anne

    Nationale Sport Week

    Thursday April 24th NUTS will be hosting an open training since it is National Sportweek! Bring all your friends and family, everyone is welcome. In other words, this is your chance if you are unable to come to the beginnerscourse ! Come and join! For a short recap what Ultimate...
  3. Anne

    Warsaw Delight

    By Jo I’ll be honest here: I wasn’t nervous for my first Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Not because I was overconfident in my skill (I knew I was going to suck major Frisbee-balls), but because I knew that it was going to be fun no matter what. It’s an opportunity to...
  4. Anne

    Martinicup 2013

    by Michaela What better way to finish the fall season than with an indoor tournament in our very own Netherlands? So the first weekend of December, NUTS went to Martini Cup in Groningen to dance, party, and play some ultimate! Saturday saw a few changes to our stellar lineup, which...
  5. Anne

    Halloween pick-up 2013

      By Anna Gopsill Halloween. A night of ghost stories, spooky tales and pumpkins, what better way to spend it than playing pick-up Ultimate Frisbee? I turned up to the pitches to find a dinosaur, a cheetah, a ghost and people covered in a large amount of fake blood warming...

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  • Windmill Windup Cocktails
    Date: 12/06/2014
    Time: 00:00 - 00:00

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  • Outdoor competition
    From: 11/05/2014 - till: 12/05/2014
  • Outdoor competition
    From: 25/05/2014 - till: 26/05/2014
  • GNSK
    From: 13/06/2014 - till: 16/06/2014
  • Outdoor competition
    From: 22/06/2014 - till: 23/06/2014

About NUTS

NUTS is a student ultimate Frisbee club based in Amsterdam, founded in 2005. We focus on mid-level mixed ultimate, high spirit and lots of fun! We are called NUTS after all.

Want to join?

NUTS is always open for new members! No matter what your level is. Join us at practice to see if you like it!

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