Amsterdam Student Ultimate

Looking for a teamsport with people who care as much about the sport as about the team? Look no further

Visiting tournaments all over Europe?

Belgium, France, Germany,  United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Turkey. We’ve been there

University Ultimate Tournament

Our very own tournament organised for and by students

Beginners course

9th and 16th of March, 7pm!

Sportpark Drieburg (See our location for outdoor practice or use google)

When will we see you?
Right then and there!

NUTS is a mixed student ultimate Frisbee team from Amsterdam. Ultimate is an upcoming team sport in the Netherlands and gives already hundreds of players a great and fun way to be in shape and meet a lot of cool people. NUTS travels all over Europe to play tournaments

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is a sport which not only will improve your physical, but also your mental condition. Field sense and tactics are an important part of the game. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of ultimate Frisbee is the “spirit of the game”. This can be described as love for the game, respect for the opponent, and most importantly enjoying yourself on the field without any brawls and fouls. The spirit is an important part of NUTS, and although we do play to win, it must never be at the cost of the spirit. To learn more about the game and the rules, go to the section ‘New Players’.

Competitions & Tournaments

Besides training, NUTS plays in the Dutch competition and City League. We also participate in many tournaments, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Because we want every player to be able to choose his/her own commitment playing ultimate, each player decides for himself/herself with which activities he/she want to participate.


Although ultimate Frisbee is the bonding theme for NUTS members, we also organize other activities. Beers after training are far from unusual and our social committee organizes frequent and fun socials, ranging from theme parties to barbecues to even pubquizes. Because a lot of foreign students also join NUTS, we are composed of a nice mixture of Dutch and international students. So, as a Dutch student, we are a great way to improve your foreign languages, and as a foreigner a good opportunity to possibly learn Dutch and get in touch with a fun group of Dutch students.

All in all, being a member of NUTS is about learning the game and having fun with your teammates both on and off the field!

About NUTS

NUTS is a student ultimate Frisbee club based in Amsterdam, founded in 2005. We focus on mid-level mixed ultimate, high spirit and lots of fun! We are called NUTS after all.

Want to join?

NUTS is always open for new members! No matter what your level is. Join us at practice to see if you like it!